• Client: Barkley Company
  • Project Location: Bellingham, Washington
  • Project Type: Park and Retail Plaza
  • Project Size: 2 acres

The two-acre Cinema Park is the heart of Barkley Village, an urban village integrating a balanced mix of residential, retail, businesses, and open space all within a 20-minute walk of one another. Harrison Design has worked on the project from master planning through construction administration, promoting the integration of natural spaces into the urban environment to improve the quality of life for people and community.

The central “spine” of the village is a pedestrian walkway lined with an allée of Spring Snow Crabapples running through Cinema Park that joins the retail area with the 16 screen cinema complex. The cinema plaza sparkles with granite banding.

A coffee shop in Cinema Park activates the space and provides a place for people to gather. It sits among a grove of Birch trees whose white barks of a strongly contrast to the buildings’ dark cladding. The park’s garden of perennials blooms from early April to late October, framed by a strong grid of evergreen otto luyken laurel shrubs that provide year round structure.